Jolly Good....

Another project I'm working on at the moment, I swear sometimes its like spinning plates! ... And worryingly I was never good at that when I had a go at it when I was a kid, pretty glad they were plastic. 

Anyway... This is a wedding gift box/crate/summer/hamper/bbq/set (delete as appropriate) I'm designing for a friend, he wanted a name and a logo for the exterior of the wooden box for his friend who is getting married.

Very much work in progress, thought I'd take a snapshot while I'm working on it. A bit last minute, with the work coming to me as the wedding is in 3 days time! - Everyone loves a good deadline though!

More to follow when we're  bit further down the line. 



Later on that day...

So here is the final artwork, a bit rushed but it did the job. We spoke about the gift set needing to be less masculine, as it was solely aimed at BBQ items etc, so instead it became more of a 'summer food set' aimed at the couple, rather than just manly steaks and burger pressers for the groom. Hopefully the artwork below that will sit on the lid of the crate reflects that. Ideally we will stencil the design straight onto the wood, but without a laser cutter, it could be a touch difficult, hopefully a couple more pics will follow to show the final crate. 

large logo.png