Back to School

So I thought I'd begin to update my old site, its been laying dormant for a while, which is unhealthy at best! I have written a few blogs for the company I am working for at the moment called 'Yoyo Design' a small digital design team in Tunbridge Wells. The first blog I wrote is below - my first week back in October, Enjoy!

So, day one, week one, another Matt joins Yoyo towers. It’s my first week as a design intern, the first proper step into the world of graphic design; a world of creativity, white walls, hardwood floors, Space Invader crisps, and Sulley; the loyal office pooch.

I met Rich whilst walking up to the front door of the Yoyo offices. He was juggling his breakfast between both hands - not that he knew I was to join him when walking up the street. I narrowly avoided spilling his  coffee for the first handshake, no-one needs a hot shower of double espresso at 8:45 on a Monday morning…that could’ve been a bit awkward.

'No-one needs a hot shower of double espresso at 8:45am'

After having a guided tour around Yoyo towers and settling in, I was placed into creative thinking mode, brainstorming ideas for clients in need of a cheeky bit of inspiration for their upcoming campaigns or projects. It was a great way to begin my tenure with Yoyo, getting my brain muscles working to hopefully get some good ideas on paper, but also to warm myself up! The Yoyo offices’ heating had packed up over summer, so the first week it was pretty chilly! 

Halfway into my first week, all was going well. After having a couple of discussions with the team a few weeks ago before I started I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I already felt at home. …However, my photo on the website seems to suggest otherwise! (See left). Of course, from the range of photos we’d just taken, I willingly chose the pose when it was displayed full screen on Gregg’s iMac, and it was swiftly uploaded to the Yoyo site, immortalised as the “troubled” intern… I’ll work on that over the next few months I’m sure, it’s on my to-do list.

I completed my degree at Brunel University, where I studied Industrial Design. As every graduate knows, it can be difficult once you’ve completed your course, to get your foot on the ladder in your chosen field. There is a very strong desire to apply the skills you’ve learnt over the previous three or four years and to begin using them in a commercial environment, to at least justify the biblical £28k loan that has mounted up. At least I’m now at the beginning, working towards a career as a designer. It seems a world away from the early morning two hour lectures with a storming hangover, or student dinners consisting of 15p Tesco-value tomato and “sausage” pasta sauce (minus the pasta).... nutritious.

That I do not miss.

'Student dinners consisting of 15p Tesco-value tomato and “sausage” pasta sauce'

Anyway, time to put my skills to the test so that I can become a valued member of the Yoyo team. Time to roll my sleeves up, pull my socks up, and put my best foot forwar…. oh bugger I’ve tied my shoe laces together.

Stay posted for more updates of my yoyo adventures!


This Blog was originally written by myself for Yoyo Design, the original link can be found here.